Why are Services important?

Why are Services important?

Why are Services important?

Having your car regularly serviced will:Why are Services important?

Improve fuel economy
Prolong the life of your engine.
Help reduce engine wear
Highlight any safety issues or wear and tear on suspension, steering and braking systems.

Here at Jackson Auto Repairs in Lisburn we offer Full & Part services. Every car should have a Full Service at least once a Year, or every 12,000 miles whichever comes first. Although if your car is a taxi or is on the road more than a normal car we recommend the car is checked and serviced before the 12,000 miles, for even a part service and a health and safety check.

Whether you are driving a brand new 2018 car or an old run around regular maintenance is necessary to keep your car healthy. Regular servicing could be the difference between a small repair job and a serious and expensive fault down the road.

The most important part of a car service is to have your oil changed & your braking system checked. If you don’t regularly change your oil, sludge may build up which will prevent the engine being correctly lubricated. This could result in an engine failure and an expensive repair. Having a regular service will help you avoid this problem and save you money over time.

You should schedule to have your car serviced regularly, Especially if your car has been out of use for awhile and if you are driving long journeys Cars which have been sitting still for prolonged periods of time may have developed issues, Brakes seized, kills the battery, tyres may deflate or rot and even become warped, Fuel pumps also break down fairly quickly.

Having your Car in for a part/full service coming into the winter months is also recommended. This is to ensure your car is winter ready and safe, with the weather being bad from cold mornings, lots of rain, ice and snow you don’t want to be caught out in bad weather with a faulty car as it could have serious consequence’s,?especially with living in northern Ireland with our unpredictable weather.

If you wish to book your car in for a part/full service and safety check, please see our contact page(Click Here) or call us on 02892? 106180

We are always happy to help here at Jackson Auto Repairs Lisburn, Northern Ireland.

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